Best Advice For IT Telemarketing

IT appointment setting work can be a real pain if you are not ready for this. In the information technology market, it is normal that you have no idea how to properly perform such lead generation work. But that should not be a problem. What you need is an outsourced appointment setting services specialized for the IT market. But just to be sure you maximize the impact, an IT telemarketing company would be a sensible investment. You just need to be sure that the people you hire are qualified in generating IT leads, and that you yourself is ready to meet the prospects.

To start with, you have to be always ready. By constantly practicing and preparing for any situation, like an unexpected question, you will be able to handle it when it happens. This will make you more effective in your lead generation campaign. Also, get out of your comfort zone. Being so used in one aspect of your IT appointment setting campaign will only bring in trouble. You might end up breaking down if something goes wrong. And lastly, always listen. IT telemarketing is not just all talk. You also need to listen carefully about what your prospects say. Getting good IT leads will depend on how well you present yourself. And you can do that by knowing what is in your prospect’s mind.

These are the best advice that you can follow to make your IT appointment setting and lead generation campaign to succeed. Just make sure you partner with a competent IT telemarketing company.

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Bad Tactics That Drive Away CEOs

In case your web hosting business is not turning well, you are not actually alone. There are so many of you that are constantly in need of new markets. That is why you conduct an IT appointment setting campaign to address such concerns. That includes talking to a CEO, especially one involved in the cloud computing industry. Getting them will mean a big deal for your company. But there is one problem: what should you say? As long as you do not commit these deadly IT telemarketing sins, then you will be fine.

  • Lying your way – sure, you might be able to get to the CEO faster, but will it get you good IT leads? That is very unlikely. The least that can happen is them saying ‘No’ to you.
  • Dilly-dallying – one way to really earn their ire is wasting their time. As business executives, they have other more important things to do. Beating around the bush will only drive them away.
  • Information overload – CEOs are people, too, and not all of them can understand that complex graph or presentation. At worst, they will have no idea what you are trying to say.
  • Show them your greed – in your IT appointment setting meeting, you r focus should be helping them improve, not getting their money. That will send a message that you do not care for them.

See? These are the biggest mistakes that an IT telemarketing representative can make in their campaign. Steer clear from these, and you will better succeed.

Four Questions Never To Use In Telemarketing

When we are talking about telemarketing, generating sales leads is just one of the things that it can do best. But even if we are using something that has been proven to work, there will be something that will cause it to fail. When the purpose of this is for generating IT consulting leads, we cannot afford to make a mistake. And believe me, we might be making mistakes so obvious, but we do not realize just how wrong it is. And that can affect our B2B lead generation and appointment setting campaign. Part of these mistakes are the questions you ask, like:

  1. “Would you agree…?” – you are trying to manipulate your customers into saying yes. This is the oldest trick in the book. That will not get you any B2B leads at all.
  2. “If I can save you (percentage), would you be interested…?” – you are only interested in selling to them, not trying to solve their problems.
  3. “Do you have a budget for this…?” – you just wanted to know if you can sell to them or not. Instead, you should let them elaborate on their buying process.
  4. “Are you the decision maker…?” – you doubt the authority, or position, of the person at the other end. Instead, you should ask who the stakeholders are. You can get better results with that.

Take note of the four questions above. Avoid these, and you can be sure to make your lead generation and appointment setting campaign more successful.