Why Apple Sells: An IT Lead Generation Lesson

 Why Apple Sells: An IT Lead Generation Lesson

If there is any company that can claim to have hordes of customers camping out for days in front of their stores, trying to be the first buyers of a product, or of a totally fanatical customer base, or of their ability to sell itself through creative story-telling, then it has to be Apple. This almost mythical reputation of the tech giant is something all IT lead generation planners dream to achieve, since this will almost guarantee their IT telemarketing team more qualified sales leads. So how do they do that? What is the secret to this amazing marketing savviness of this consumer electronics company?

Perhaps it lies with its ability to tell a good story. There are a number of factors that attract the attention of business prospects, but in almost all cases, it was the story-telling that made all the difference. Also, the retail stores of Apple are designed to emphasize the message of their business. Their sales representatives are trained to fully engage the interest of their customers. This is a good lesson for your IT appointment setting representatives. Since they are the first line of contact for potential B2B leads, they need to represent your company well, from taglines to the level of customer service provided.

Sure, Apple has its ups and downs (Apple Lisa, iPhone antenna issue, iPhone maps, etc.), but these has not detracted from the image Apple has created for its brand. Truly, this should be an achievement all IT companies should aim for in their IT lead generation campaigns.

Turning a CEO into an IT Lead

Yes, it has always been the dream of every IT telemarketer representative, to talk and make business directly to a company’s CEO, and it’s actually like taking the bull by the horns. If journalists are too eager to take an iconic scoop before anyone else, then same thing happens to IT telemarketers where getting the attention of a CEO towards their offer is like winning a superb award given by a world-renowned award giving body. Just try to imagine the feeling after making a splash. However, the question is, how will these telemarketers achieve this kind of coup? Here’s how to have the world by the tail and ultimately turning a CEO into an IT lead:

  • Be honest- you may hear this phrase for the nth time already but being honest is just the best way to impress the CEO and for him to eventually establish trust and reliability to your company.
  • Be clear and concise with the information you are giving- when handing details to the CEO, it is better to go straight to the point and convey the necessary information only. CEOs are way too busy to entertain irrelevant messages, so to keep them within your grip, avoid expressing superfluous explanations and head directly to your target; it will seem to them that you value their time.
  • Make them an A-lister- one of the most important things to do during an IT appointment with a CEO is to assure them that you’ll get them to the top and convince them as well that they will receive the utmost satisfaction they ever wanted that is way beyond their expectation; make sure that you don’t sound too confident, though.