Outsourcing Appointment Setting Services Helps IT Companies Gain Higher Productivity

Outsourcing Appointment Setting Services Helps IT Companies Gain Higher ProductivityWhen it comes to productivity, nothing can be compared to what IT companies are gaining. Of all companies in any industry, they are the ones that can earn higher sales profits just by focusing on promoting or offering IT solutions to many other companies. Without the products and/or services they are offering, these companies are nothing and the more they offer IT solutions like IT consulting services, system integration, web hosting, web designing and web development, to name a few, the more they can increase their productivity. However, it is a fact that no matter how advanced they are in terms of using the internet, they still need one very important factor that can bring their business to even higher levels and that’s to go outsourcing to telemarketing companies for appointment setting services.

No matter how advanced their products are that can be of great benefit to any company, they still need the services of b2b outbound telemarketing companies so that they can reach to as many customers as they can by generating qualified leads like IT leads. With the help of these telemarketing lead generation firms, not only they can pre-qualify IT leads but they can also do lead nurturing and management so that they can follow up their prospects through the efforts of these b2b telemarketing lead generation companies and let them do cold calling as many times as they can until they can set face-to-face appointments for the sales agents of the IT company and the decision maker of the buying organization. With the help of this b2b appointment setting firm, they can be able to face IT managers, IT directors, chief information officers, chief technicians and even vice president and even other top executives including the CEO himself.

It is not easy for any person to do appointment setting with a CEO since this kind of person is always busy with all the things the he needs to do and he won’t have time to face somebody unless that somebody can present to him something like an IT product or service that he will feel will be the solution to the current concerns of his company.

Everyone knows that almost all people hate it when somebody is trying to sell to him something and anybody hates it the most when it is being done over the phone and that someone is somebody that they are not familiar with. However, with the help of an appointment setting company, it will only take a few minutes for expert telemarketers to get the undivided attention of the recipient of the cold calling session and present to him not IT products but IT solutions.

These professional appointment setters in a b2b appointment setting lead generation company has all the skills and they are highly trained to go head to head with all the top executives of a company and they know how to treat rejection and turn negative reactions into positive motivations and make chief executive officers nod their heads in approval before they can even get to meet with the sales agents.

Learning Styles That Help Appointment Setters Best

Learning Styles That Help Appointment Setters BestTraining is important; there is no doubt about that. Without proper training or orientation, a company employee may not be able to perform his duties well. Indeed, it may be possible that he causes more harm than good in a company’s marketing and appointment setting campaign. That is why a lot of time, money, and effort is invested by business owners and managers in the training of their personnel. This can be a very powerful factor in generating a lot of qualified B2B leads. But still, there is no assurance that sufficient training will produce good results. We also need to understand the learning styles of your employees. Know what works with them best will produce the best results. So, what are the different learning styles that different appointment setters assume?

Let us start with the ‘participating’ style of learning. This is someone who prefers to have a more active role in class, absorbing the lessons being taught by actually being there. They can be thoroughly specialized in a specific task, or be capable of handling the needs of different business functions. The main downside of this kind of learners is that when they miss the class, their learning rhythm gets all mixed-up and disturbed. They get a really hard time trying to catch up later when they attend the next class. Keep this problem in mind in case you identify some of your telemarketing trainees to be like that.

Another learning style to remember would be the ‘translating’ method. Here, your trainees attend your class, learn your lessons, and perform it when the situation demands it. These are usually efficient learners who can grasp your concept quickly and apply it in situations that you deem necessary. The only catch here is that these learners do not remember your lesson verbatim. They interpret it and ‘transform’ it into a form that they understand. If you are into variety in your appointment setting processes, then these kind of people are for you. If not, well, it would be wise to look for other options.

The last style deals with concept of ‘connecting’. They learn based on their understanding of previous lessons. Here, stock knowledge plays an important role in the learning process. This can make the job easier for the lecturer, since all they need to do is to fill in the blanks that are in the head of the learner. The downside of this is also obvious enough – stock knowledge. If they do not have a clear idea on what the lesson is all about, then your teaching process will have to be more informative (and intense) in order for the lesson to be learned.

So, do you now have a better grasp of how your trainees learn their lessons? If you can match them to the right learning style, their ability to generate sales leads more efficiently gets heightened. This will be a very good set-up for your business. All you have to do now is to identify who should be using what learning method.

How To Handle The Gatekeepers In Your IT Lead Generation Campaign?

How To Handle The Gatekeepers In Your IT Lead Generation Campaign?If there in one set of people that serves as a constant source of vexation for many marketers, both new and veteran, then it has to be the gatekeepers. They are the usual people who answer our marketing call or redirect us to another number. And they also happen to be the one challenge, the acid test, of anyone conducting a lead generation campaign in the IT industry. If they like you, then they will bring you to their boss. If not, well you need to try your luck better in generating sales leads for the next time. Now, we all have heard how hard handling gatekeepers are, but if you can keep in mind the five tips below, then you can go off with a good start.

  1. Look for a vague person in charge – this is a strategy that is best done on the phone, so you will need the help of a professional IT telemarketing agency, in case you do not have one of your own. In this case, you request the gatekeeper to connect you to someone with a rather vague position in your target film. Usually, this will confuse them, prompting them to connect you to someone of a higher position. More often than not, this person is exactly you were looking for. Just be sure that the person’s title matches closely with the product or service you are offering them.
  2. Talk to your prospects before or after office hours – if you do this, then you will avoid facing the gatekeepers all together. Managers and other decision-makers usually are the last to leave work, so it might be a good idea for you to give this a try. Just make sure that you are not calling them in their homes, since this will create problems and complications that you just do not want to experience.
  3. Send an email beforehand – you may not receive the answer you want, but it is a good way to start the asking process. Try sending one to your prospect, or you can send it to the gatekeeper, asking him or her to forward your message to their boss. Sometimes, that can actually do what you requested of them.
  4.  Ask their help – in this case, you are treating the gatekeeper not as your opponent, but as a partner in your marketing campaign. More often than not, these people are privy to the thoughts of the executives and business managers that they work for. And if your IT appointment setting team can establish a good rapport with them, they can actually provide you with details that can help your marketing campaign. Besides, if they feel that you are credible enough, they might end up connecting you directly to their boss.

So there, these are just some of the tips that you can use in handling the gatekeepers of any business you wish to offer your services to. This will make generating B2B leads much easier for you.

The Lead Generation Networking Mistake Most Marketers Make

The Lead Generation Networking Mistake Most Marketers MakeNetworking – the one activity that a lot of marketers should learn to develop. You see, establishing a connection with many business prospects is very important. As part of your lead generation efforts, you need to meet as many people as possible and identify as many potential sales leads as you can. This is something that sounds easy, right? After all, you can meet prospects anywhere, like in trade fairs, symposiums, seminars, even inside that coffee shop in the next street corner. The problem here is this is the one activity that is most likely to fail you. Why?

You network too much.

Now, before start protesting that this is wrong, that connecting with hundreds of people is essential to networking, you have to first consider what you are after in networking. What are you aiming for? If you just want to spread your name to the most number of people, then your argument will stand. But if you are after relationship-building and conversion of prospects into B2B leads, then you are doing networking wrong. You are spreading yourself to much, meeting and interacting with too many people. Just imagine butter spread on a slice of bread, spread too thin. It ruins the butter’s flavor and it does not do anything good for the bread. It is the same thing with you and over-networking.

Let us face it, we have a limited capacity for establishing and maintaining relationships. While the numbers vary, research done by the University College in London revealed that our brain is only capable of handling no more than one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty connections. This only shows just how far we can go before we go nuts. If we want to expand our network, we need to use add more capacity. To use the bread and butter analogy, we have to get another spoon of butter to fully and satisfyingly cover that slice of bread.

So, what does it say about our appointment setting efforts, which also hinges on our networking skills?

Basically, we have to focus more on quality over quantity. There is no point adding all those people on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social networking tool you are using if you cannot manage them all properly. If you need to get more people, you need to add on your marketing team’s capacity. Hire more marketers or networkers. Let them concentrate on only a specific set of people. Nurture these leads, stay with them, fan the flames of interest, etc. Once you have successfully done that, you can then proceed with asking for the sale.

Now, if you have issues about more in-house marketers (maybe due to budget or logistics), that should not be a problem at all. You can always outsource these tasks to professional lead generation or telemarketing agency. They would be most helpful in helping you connect with others, and turn them into paying customers later on. It is not a bad investment, as long as you work with the right agency.

How To Build A Winning Image In IT Telemarketing

How To Build A Winning Image In IT TelemarketingImage is everything in marketing, this is the one rule that you must always keep in mind when conducting your lead generation campaign. Remember that customers and business prospects first remember you by image, by presentation, and by your message, not the product or service that you offer, excellent as it is. The reason successful companies are able to generate sales leads are because they could cultivate a great brand or image. Think of Apple, Samsung, even McDonald’s for that matter. Okay, Apple and Samsung has great products to sell, and their marketing team is excellent, but just imagine McDonald’s getting a lot of customers while their food is, well, less than desirable to most people.

As you can see, generating B2B leads is all about the image. And it does make us wonder how to improve ours. While this may sound like real hard work (it is, unfortunately), as long as you know where to start and are willing to work on it gradually, then you will find cultivating a winning business image to be possible for your firm.

To start with, you should consider the market you want to penetrate. Remember, the image you cultivate must reflect the desires of the prospects that you want to attract. Just imagine trying to get the attention of a couple of teenagers for your funeral insurance business. Very awkward and very inappropriate, right? That is why you need to think your audience well. Failure to do that will greatly complicate your appointment setting process.

Second point that you have to plan well would be marketing tools that you would use. Not everyone can be reached using a single marketing method. You have to be willing to use every tool available to you. If you can only reach prospects using social media, use it. Telemarketing works better for a particular prospect? Take advantage of it. The point here is that you should be ready to employ various communication mediums to achieve the goals you want.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important, you need to plan your image-nurturing plans around the products or services you offer. Consistency is the name of the game here. There is no point creating a flashy or fancy marketing campaign if it does not match the nature of your offer. Remember, you are what your business is. This is the most fundamental rule in business identity, one that is essential for your image.

Of course, it is understandable if you do not have the means (or perhaps the skills) for proper image building. In that case, you will need the help of a professional lead generation agency to help create a good image for your business. They can help you get in touch with business prospects and make sure that your business would float foremost in their minds. There are a lot of such agencies around that you can choose from. You just have to make sure that the agency you choose works well with the business you have.