Web Glossary: 7 Internet Marketing terms every Neophyte must know

Web Glossary: 7 Internet Marketing terms every Neophyte must knowRemember the time when the Internet was just starting?
No, not the 60’s. That’s way too early. Just rewind your clocks back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s when the internet became fully public; you know, when that Y2K bug freaked everyone out and being on Friendster was still cool.

Ah, the memories.

Back then, going online became part of daily life, and at one time or another, we were bombarded with terms we never fully understood (or cared about). What’s a URL? What’s a protocol? What’s a browser?

Fast-forward to today, we are again faced with another barrage of jargons caused by the dawn of social media and Internet marketing. It’s a normal phase of evolution to be overwhelmed with new things, and here’s an incomprehensive list of internet marketing terms you need to be acquainted with.

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – encompasses all of a company’s efforts to gain visibility online, which includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC) and other emerging marketing techniques.
  2. Blog – is a platform of web content maintained by individuals, companies and organizations intended for various purposes. It’s short for “web log”. Unlike regular websites, blogs are updated more frequently and have a commenting system, and there’s a sense of ownership to each post.
  3. Flash – is an interactive variation of a regular video, usually put on websites to display a more dynamic movement. It requires a more complex and sophisticated building process.
  4. PageRank (PR) – was developed by Google. It is a measure of website quality based on the relevancy of its content to a certain keyword or phrase. A site’s PR score, given on a scale of 0-10, will determine how high it will rank on Google’s search engine results pages.
  5. Call to Action – is a message that directs viewers of a site to perform certain actions which usually lead to information generation or downloading. Examples: “Register now” or “Click here to download”
  6. Contextual Advertising – is a marketing approach where your ads are placed strategically with web pages, blogs and news articles that are relevant to your business. This is to promote a higher probability of click-through and conversion.
  7. Hashtags – are used to consolidate conversations and posts surrounding a certain topic. It’s usually written with no spaces and is preceded by a hash sign (#). Marketers use this to promote or generate buzz on a specific product throughout various social media sites.

Improving Efficiency For Your Appointment Setting Team

Improving Efficiency For Your Appointment Setting TeamIn any business operation, efficiency is the number one factor that can change the overall performance of the company. Without an increase in efficiency, your business would be unable to handle the pressure and demands of the market. It also makes our appointment setting campaign less productive, slowing down our ability to generate good sales leads, and further pushing down our profits. This is certainly not good for us. For this reason, we seek ways to improve efficiency. There are many ways to increase your efficiency in generating B2B leads, mind you. But if you have no idea where to start, then allow me to recommend a few pointers for you to follow:

1. Identify the time wasters – it could be as simple as typing data on your computer, a call from the manager, or even your occasional business meetings. As a manager, your job is to identify the areas that choke your lead generation team. You want to increase efficiency, right? Then you should make it an effort to eliminate those factors that make your team spend too much time.
2. Automate your processes – come to think of it, there are some tasks in your marketing campaign that can be automated. This can be a big help in reducing the time you spend on manually putting in data, filing papers, recording calls, and a myriad of other tasks that a little automation can easily handle. What is important is that you choose the appropriate automation system.
3. Get rid of the repetition – this can be particularly useful for campaigns involving telemarketing or any other medium that handles customer inquiries and complaints. Try studying the patterns of questions that prospects raise. Create a database that answers the most common queries, and then set it up on a website for easy reference by those looking for quick answers.
4. Provide the right equipment – it is one thing to generate leads, it is also another thing to generate leads properly. Sometimes, it just boils down to the equipment that you are using. Try investing in good equipments for you marketing team, like computers, telephones, headsets (for hands-free discussions between prospects and marketers on the phone), and you will see much better results for your sales leads campaign.
5. Streamline everything – there is a reason why most government offices are lumbering giants waiting to die: the bureaucracy has too many shelves to file. This is the same thing for weak marketing campaigns. There might just be too many data scattered around different databases that you have a hard time seeing the big picture. Consolidate your information in a single business database and you can get all the business data you need in one click.

Yes, there are many other strategies that you can use to improve your appointment setting campaigns, but at least you have something good to work on at the very start. You can add more business strategies that you can employ as you go along with your sales leads work.

The Power Of Three In Lead Generation

The Power Of Three In Lead GenerationYou must admit, when it comes to marketing and lead generation, you just have to get the attention of your customers. Now, that is something pretty hard to achieve, especially if your business belongs to the small and medium sized outfits. To start with, given the limited budgets that your own company may have for generating qualified sales leads, you might want to consider ways to improve your efficiency, not to mention capacity, in attracting potential customers for your business. In this case, you actually have an easy means to do that. This is all in the mind, remember that. If you can put it into your mental efforts, then the next step, namely, the promotion stage, the better it would be to your business:

First of all, keep in mind that an element of effective marketing is in adding the ‘wow’ factor in all you do. You are in business to serve a need in the market, right? But since there is a high possibility that you have competition on this area, then your best bet in attracting potential B2B leads would be in your advertising. You should continuously find ways to impress and delight your audience. To do that, you should put on that ‘wow’ element that will make their heads turn and come to you. It could be an advertising gimmick, a special promo, or perhaps an engaging presentation, but it must ultimately put some sparkle in their eyes when you have something to offer.

Secondly, try to create a transparent environment for your audience. If there is one thing that your customers hate in a marketing campaign, it is not getting the full details or message of your product. No matter what promotional medium you employ, be it through social media, email, or even telemarketing , these must be geared into delivering the right product to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time. This is such basic concept in marketing that, unfortunately, a lot of marketers tend to forget. Try not to do that, since your success in the appointment setting process hinges on it. To put it simply, whet you stay honest, the customers will come.

Lastly, learn to appreciate the contributions of everyone. This is such an incredible morale booster that can actually help push your business forward. Whether you are the frontline desk officer assigned to help your customers when they enter your store, or the customer who recommends your business to others, all of you have something to give your business. How to integrate these, as well as to praise those who made it work, is an important element of your marketing campaign.
See, that is the power of three. To tell you the truth, this is not that bad at an advice for your lead generation campaign. These may be very simple in concept, but these three pointers can contribute greatly to the success of your marketing efforts. Try following them, it can really boost your business.