Four Ways To Respond To B2B Leads With Social Media

Four Ways To Respond To B2B Leads With Social Media

Social media marketing has made many changes in the way we handle our marketing campaigns. It has become an integral part in any marketer’s plans in generating more B2B leads and in ensuring the success of your IT lead generation campaigns. The only question here is just how you handle it. You see, the thing about social media is that it is so easy to connect with business prospects. The only issue here, so far, is how to make those connections last. This is the one part of marketing that matters the most. Luckily, it is also the one part that anyone can pull off, as long as they know where to start.

  1. Respond personally – people, especially those found in social media circles, appreciate a message coming from a real person. Too often, we hear of appointment setting campaigns that reach success because of some ‘software program’ that lets the user reach hundreds of people in one day. Nothing can be further from the truth. To be an effective marketer, start with the little things, like personally replying to inquiries or messages. You prospects will appreciate those little attention to details like that.
  2. Ask the right questions – the thing about IT appointment setting, and one that never fails to put marketers (like those in IT telemarketing) in trouble, would be the questions that they ask. Yes, you need to ask questions, to qualify whether a sales lead is worth your time and effort. But you also have to make sure that you are doing it right. You cannot just ask any question. Give questions with substance, crafted to bring out the answers that you need. To do that, you need to do your research. Using social media channels will help you identify the issues that they face, as well as glean usefully information that you can use later on.
  3.  Personally welcome new members – be it in Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest, try to put your utmost to welcome your new followers personally. Send them a welcome message; give them a shout-out, or anything else that you can do. Doing that will help build rapport, as well as establish yourself as a real person to them. Nothing can be more satisfying to a new member or follower than to receive a personalized greeting from the person they are following. Try that, it does not have to take up all your time.
  4. Thank them out loud – in social media marketing, you get plus points if you can announce thank your followers for anything that benefited your business. It may not be that big, or elaborate, but at least you can show them that you appreciate their effort. Be creative in your announcement. Remember, you only need to say a few words, but these words can mean a big deal for them.

Yes, this is easy enough to remember: respond, ask, welcome, and thank. These are the keywords that you should live up to for a successful IT lead generation campaign.


I respond.

When someone sends me a personal message, on Twitter, e-mail, or Facebook, I make every effort to respond to them promptly if warranted. It’s amazing how many people appreciate a simple response. I know I do, so why wouldn’t my audience?

Mark Schaefer, over at {grow} responds to almost every single comment he gets on his blog, even the bad ones. That’s incredible.

I ask questions.

Whether it’s for advice on a new product I should try or help in deciding what book to read next, I ask questions that my audience can easily answer. I sometimes ask questions at the end of my blog posts to generate conversation with my readers. A while back,  I asked my audience to help me decide which book to read next. I got a ton of responses because the question was simple and interactive.

I welcome new Twitter followers personally.

I loathe automated DMs when I follow someone – Those, “Hey! Thanks for following me! Check out my website at www. . .!” That tells me you’re too busy to connect and engage.

Instead, I chose to welcome new followers by sharing them with my audience:





Sometimes they respond:

I thank people out loud.

When someone retweets or shares something of mine, I try and thank them publicly. Look at this exchange: (read from bottom to top): 










A simple and vocal thanks does more for me and the recipient than any other kind of gratitude.

Embracing your audience means making them an active member of your community.

The Problem With Social Media, Integrity, And IT Lead Generation

The Problem With Social Media, Integrity, And IT Lead GenerationIn the world of IT lead generation, where the use of pseudonyms is common and fanfare is the norm, showing some honesty and integrity is highly valued by business prospects. After all, when it comes to deals and sales, knowing just who are you dealing with can mean a great deal. But that is precisely where the problem lies. Too often, we would hear horror stories of businesses getting fleeced out of their hard-earned money because of fraud. This is the reality of online marketing, where looking and generating sales leads can be a challenge. There is a reason why it is hard.

The keyword here is integrity. IT appointment setting transactions depend on trust between two parties. Let us assume that you are really intent in doing business with others. The problem here is that the other party is not aware of it. More likely than not, if you send them emails about a business offer or the like, they will reject them outright. This is where integrity plays a crucial role. This is a quality that takes time to build up, and also so easy to destroy. Integrity is the one asset of yours that can bring you the desired results. But how will you build in social media circles.

Start with those who know you. We all have heard how much a bad business tactic is to serve family and friends first. But in social media, this is where you should start. If you please them, then they would spread the word to their friends, to their friend’s friends, to the friends of their friends’ friends. You would have gotten the picture by now. You let the good word spread naturally. You provide quality products or services at the get-go. Once you satisfy that, this will help a great deal in improving your image in the online business world. This is a different kind of marketing from the traditional ones.

This is the difference between traditional business and online business. Generating B2B leads is best done by marketers who are familiar with the online industry, who are good at building trust, and who can deliver what they promise to their business prospects. Think of it the way you would to a telemarketing campaign, where building rapport, nurturing relationships, and asking for the sale. That would take a lot of skill to pull that off, but that is not that hard to do, if you know where to start. It also helps if you have connections with others already, to serve as your foothold come marketing time.

Of course, we have to admit that you are very focused at your business. You have to, if you want to continue providing excellent products to your customers. That is why it might be a good idea if you can outsource your appointment setting campaign to professionals. This will ensure that you are doing your marketing right, while at the same time giving you time to concentrate on your business process.

Telemarketers are from Mars, Prospects are from Venus

Telemarketers are from Mars, Prospects are from Venus

In the early 90’s, a relationship counselor and author named John Gray, Ph.D. published a self-help bible for relationships and the battle for gender supremacy. It became one of the best-selling non-fiction works during that time, and it has sparked debates regarding the concepts tackled in the book. The title was Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

The book basically outlines the psychological differences between men and women and how they affect the way common conversations and relationships break down. Its main premise is that men and women only need to have a better understanding of how the other mind works in order to communicate and co-exist harmoniously.

Sounds familiar? Telemarketers also experience relationship problems with prospects on a daily basis (although not in a romantic way, of course). Conversations over the phone also sometimes suffer breakdown of communication, and just like Dr. Gray’s proposition, there should be awareness on the differences between the two parties. However, in this case, the burden lies solely on the telemarketers to make an effort to recognize the differences.

It’s not a fight

The most common misconception about relationships is the notion that during arguments, you need to fight to prove that you are right and the other one is wrong. It’s a mistake to assume that view because in reality, winning is not the key. The goal is to actually make the other person “think” he is right by changing his mood, not his mind.

By making prospects feel good about themselves, the likelihood of telemarketers getting what they want becomes more achievable. Bring them to a happy place, and position your mission.

Logic first, emotions second

When a man commits a mistake towards a woman, the man can never appeal to the woman’s sympathy by purely explaining facts and defending his actions. He can only achieve forgiveness if he acknowledges his mistakes and says sorry.

Similarly, logic should only be used in the beginning part of a pitch. You could simplify everything for the prospect to make him view things logically, such as saying, “Our product will increase your revenue by X% with only a cost of Y dollars, and you would see the results in just 45 days.” But relying on pure logic won’t be able to help you close a deal. You also have to address the emotional needs of the prospect.

Speak their language

Men use words in a literal sense and aims to convey their message directly, while women speak in metaphors, generalizations, and often say something completely unrelated to express what they feel. This difference in language usually causes them to misinterpret each other’s signals thus leading to arguments and misunderstanding.

To better understand a prospect, you must talk to them in their native tongue; keep in mind that their needs and goals are different from yours, so they would not always view things the way you do.

How To Use Social Networking For IT Lead Generation

How To Use Social Networking For IT Lead Generation

Puzzling as it is for older marketers, the use of social media marketing now plays a key role in increasing the amount of sales leads that you could possibly get. Social media can be intimidating for some, while it is also seen as the savior of many floundering businesses. It does not have to cost much, but still, it can bring you a lot of qualified IT leads. It is a great help for companies looking for improved IT lead generation campaigns. All you need is a little creativity and resourcefulness. So, on what areas can social media marketing help you?

Product promotions – okay, you may probably have something good to offer your market, but you lack the marketing budget to make a splash. Think of giving up? Not really, since there is a way to deal with that. You see, the thing about social media is that business promotions can be very inexpensive. You want to announce something? Get into Twitter, start following relevant movers and invite others to follow you. You only need a little creativity and resourcefulness.

Expanding networks – one can only do so much in trade fairs and forums, in terms of connecting with business prospects. Considering how important it is to increase the number of contacts you have, you need to employ every method available to do the job. Social media can do the job. It can connect you to different people in a quick and effective manner.

Promote users – nothing can be more empowering for your business than people giving out testimonials. These people are your best bet in attracting people in their circles towards your business. Single them out in your campaigns. Thank them publicly for any contribution they make for your company. It may be simple, but for these people that you show your appreciation to, it means big. And in social media marketing, this can push your business further.

Be an authority – when you are in business, you want to be seen as the best of the lot. And what better way to do that than by becoming an expert on the topics related to your industry. Social media channels can help establish that identity to others. Join forums, give out advice, interact with people in your circles some more, and you will soon have create a reputation that will help lift your business to higher levels. All you have to do is to reach out to your markets.

These are just some of the things that you can achieve in your appointment setting campaign, with the help of social media. Just remember that this is not just the sole tool for marketing. If you want to be holistic in your approach in generating B2B leads, you should use other marketing vehicles, like telemarketing or email. You can use other methods for your business, it will only depend on the nature of your business, as well as the kind of business prospects that you want to reach. You just have to find that out.