How To Handle Complaints During Your Appointment Setting Campaign

How To Handle Complaints During Your Appointment Setting Campaign

Unhappy customers are a fact of business life. No matter what you do, there will always be people who are not satisfied with your service. If only you can walk away from those people easily. Unfortunately, in today’s B2B appointment setting campaigns, you really have to revisit these people, since they can be potential sales leads. And if your business is in network management systems, that need is much stronger. Good if they want to try your business again. But what would you do if they start complaining? Sounds like a scary scenario, right? Well, if you know where to start, then you would be able to get the results that you need. You just have to follow these tips:

  1. Give them an answer – usually, previous customers complain because their issues were not answered yet. When that happens, you should take a proactive role and seek a solution that is agreeable with them. Let them know that you are taking care of it. They will like to hear that.
  2. Limit the options – most customer complaints could be stemmed from the marketing options that you offered them. Most marketers make the mistake of offering their B2B leads prospects too many options. Making a choice becomes too troublesome and the stress of you trying to fulfill their demand becomes too much.
  3. Look at online avenues – when people complain about your service, they rarely inform you about. Instead, they would spread the word through social media. You need to be aware of these online grievances so that you can answer them quickly.
  4. Listen well – even if all you hear at the start is yelling, be patient and let them vent out their frustration. Usually, after the first few minutes, they tend to calm down. They even become more helpful once you get on their good side.
  5. Collect feedback – and you need to collect lots of it. These can be a veritable mine of customer data. Most might be negative, there is no surprise there, but if you can filter them out, you might get lucky and get an inkling of a successful B2B lead generation plan in the future.
  6. Be calm and nice – reacting negatively at furious customers will only escalate the issue, making it even harder to resolve. As a marketer, you should have a little patience when dealing with them. This is where you are good at.
  7. Prepare a rain check – be it in goods or money, you should have something at the ready in case a complaint resolution requires you to spend. This way, you can be better prepared in the future and gain control of the market’s attention.
  8. Learn – there are so many things that you can learn in your IT sales leads campaign. As a marketer, you should take opportunity that you can get to learn from people and the things around you. This will make you a better marketer, as a whole.

Yes, handling complaints can be tough for your network management systems company. Still, once you know the basics, your appointment setting campaign would be easier.

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