Three Internet Etiquette Rules To Remember

The internet world sure has made our work easier (and not to mention faster). It has enabled us in the IT appointment setting business to maximize our operations. The internet has also provided us with more tools and information necessary to be successful in our IT telemarketing campaign, helping us more effectively gain the IT leads that we need. For those of us in the IT consulting business, the IT consulting leads generated this way are of better value compared to others. Of course, there are some rules that we need to follow. Basic etiquette is still needed, which comes in the form of:

  1. Not getting lost in translation – before you send an e-mail, especially if this is an official one, make sure that your wording is clear and precise to avoid confusion. You do not want to send the wrong message to the next reader of your message so avoid highly technical jargon.
  2. Respond promptly to messages – you should reply quickly to messages sent to you. Preferably, it should be within 24 hours. If not, then you should send a quick note explaining the delay and set a definite expectation to those you are talking to.
  3. Show consideration – this is especially important in IT appointments, where things can get derailed because you text, tweet or send a profile update. If you want to get the maximum results in your business discussions, then you should all pay a very close attention to details. It is that important.

These are simple enough rules of etiquette, but they are the most important when it comes to our work.

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