Do You Know The Four Technology Mistakes You Should Avoid?

Yes, you may not be an information technology genius, and you may just want to go about your IT lead generation work. But that is no excuse for being careless. Indeed, you might be doing something that can have an impact on your ability to earn IT sales leads. You do not want to be committing mistakes in your business, right? After all, losing such B2B leads in the information technology industry can be disastrous. Now, the question here is this: what mistakes should you never, ever commit? There are plenty, believe it or not, but there are only four main mistakes that can really ruin you.

  1. No anti-virus protection – yes, it is understandable why you don’t like it. In the past, such programs added a big burden on your computers. But things are better now. And you will need, more than ever, anti-virus protection.
  2. Overlooking the trends – if you want a sure-fire way to bring your business down, ignore the business trends. Whether it is in customer tastes, the competition, and the mediums used (like telemarketing), you can be left behind if you fail to consider them.
  3. Not reading the privacy policies – that is not just the job for geeks. Buried in the fine lines might be a provision that can affect the way you control your IT leads.
  4. Losing your phone – with a lot of your business and data readily accessed through your phone, do I need to say more when you lose it?
These are really big mistakes that you should avoid.

The Four Cardinal Sins In Communication

When you communicate, your goal is to convey your idea. In terms of telemarketing, you will need to communicate in order to generate B2B leads. Now, imagine that you are using it in the information technology market. You know that this is a somewhat complex market, with the jargon and all. Still, you need to talk since this is the best way for you get IT sales leads. But how sure are you that you are actually sending the message across. You might want to take a closer look at yourself, since there is a chance that you are committing some communication mistakes already.

What are these communication mistakes?

  1. Talking as you think – if you are using your speech as a vocal outlet of your thoughts, then you are doing it wrong. People hearing you talk to yourself or speak nonsense will find you uncomfortable to be with, making your IT lead generation process harder.
  2. Talk the talk but not walking the walk – saying great things is really great, but failing to follow through is the worst. You need to be firm and resolute to see things through. If not, then you should not be talking in the first place.
  3. You debate with everyone – healthy debate is good for getting IT leads. But if all you do are attacking each other, calling names, and straining working relationships, you might want to take a second look at how you talk to your people.
  4. You solve, not listen – sometimes, a sounding board is all what your people need from you. Learn to just listen. They can solve the problems to, you know.

These are the four cardinal sins that you should strive to avoid when doing IT lead generation.