Bad Assumptions Can Destroy Your B2B Lead Generation Potential

Everyday people make assumptions on just about anything they encounter, and while it can help them gauge possibilities, it can also deter them from taking risks and jumping into opportunities that can make things better.

It’s the fear of failure and disappointment that usually triggers this tendency to assume without even considering the pros and cons of a given circumstance. The thing is, with these ‘unsubstantiated’ assumptions you are likely to be more wrong than right.

For business, this can be a fatally destructive thing. If you look at the success stories of most businesses in our mainstream culture, you will see that the best decisions were made out of sheer risk-taking. But we’re talking about calculated risks here.

Making conclusions without proof

Take for example the plight of social media marketing. Until now, a lot of businesses are still reluctant to engage themselves into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Why? Because they already assumed that it won’t work. Because they assumed that B2B prospects are not on social media. Because they assumed that it does not have a clear ROI.

Now at some point they could be right – but to totally ignore the power of social media is definitely counter-productive to their business goals. Think of all the exposure and interaction they’re missing just because they don’t have any online presence. Clearly, those false assumptions have impacted the business dramatically.

(Mis)understanding the target market

Even seasoned businesses make the mistake of making bad assumptions. Whenever their sales numbers encounter a rocky road, they tend to scratch their heads out of confusion because they thought they had their target market all figured out.

Just because you’ve been offering the same set of products and services to your loyal customers doesn’t mean they won’t yearn for something fresh. Just because you’ve been sending the same marketing message since day one doesn’t mean it will not eventually lose it essence in the minds of the people. Marketers should never assume that they know their audience from head to toe. Lifestyles evolve and technologies develop. Hence, needs also change.

Research is the cure against false assumptions

If you’re not sure, why not employ the power of good old scientific method? We see a lot of sites that offer endless graphs and sheets of marketing statistics. Why? Because they know that false assumptions can mean the demise of businesses.

And that numbers don’t lie.




Seven Ways You Can Leave Better Voice Mails To IT Sales Leads

Seven Ways You Can Leave Better Voice Mails To IT Sales Leads

Yes, you might think that voicemail is pretty old-fashioned in a B2B lead generation campaign for the IT market. But you have to admit that, in the event that your sales leads prospects are not around, you really have to leave a voice message. Now, you know that successfully placing the right voice mail would elicit a positive reaction from your prospects. It is in how you should do it that really matters. Voice mails is pretty much an art that is slowly disappearing in today’s current business environment. So, here is the question: how can your voice mail compel B2B leads prospects to respond positively to you?

  1. State your name at the beginning and your number at the end – too many marketers these days often forget about this very important detail. Most tend to speed up when they say their callback numbers, while there are those who seem to mince words when they say their names. Be clear and succinct in these parts. If ever, these might be what your prospects need to read your.
  2.  Leave a voicemail from your preferred callback number – in other words, you should use your office phone. Some marketers, for the sake of convenience in their work, call their prospect using personal phones, but make them call the office. Such complications are unnecessary.
  3. Have a reference point as well as specific intent – the thing about voicemails is that the ones where you and your IT appointment setting prospects have a common denominator are usually returned. Also, if you state your purpose clearly on why you are calling them, they are more willing to call you back.
  4. Be brief and plan well – the most effective voicemails are the ones that can tell you what they precisely need at the shortest possible time. This requires that you think critically about the composition of your message and how your prospects will hear it.
  5. Do not ask questions – the purpose of voicemails is to get your prospects to call you, not to leave questionnaires. If you want to learn more about your prospects, ask them directly when they call you back. Or, you can also call them again and ask those questions. Take your pick.
  6. Professionalism and enthusiasm – voicemails left by telemarketing representatives can be returned if the one leaving it state their purpose in a professional and enthusiastic manner. This can be felt by the other party, even if you do not see each other. Stay upbeat, and courteous, and you can be sure to get a response.
  7. Keep calling – when all else fails, a little persistence can go a long way. Try to call your prospects again when you still do not get a response from them. Who knows, maybe the second or third time calling is the charm. Just remember that you need to act as respectful as you can. You are asking for their business, not the other way around. You have to gain their favor at the start.

There are other things you can do, but the tips above will put you right on track with your B2B lead generation campaign.

Four Ways To Respond To B2B Leads With Social Media

Four Ways To Respond To B2B Leads With Social Media

Social media marketing has made many changes in the way we handle our marketing campaigns. It has become an integral part in any marketer’s plans in generating more B2B leads and in ensuring the success of your IT lead generation campaigns. The only question here is just how you handle it. You see, the thing about social media is that it is so easy to connect with business prospects. The only issue here, so far, is how to make those connections last. This is the one part of marketing that matters the most. Luckily, it is also the one part that anyone can pull off, as long as they know where to start.

  1. Respond personally – people, especially those found in social media circles, appreciate a message coming from a real person. Too often, we hear of appointment setting campaigns that reach success because of some ‘software program’ that lets the user reach hundreds of people in one day. Nothing can be further from the truth. To be an effective marketer, start with the little things, like personally replying to inquiries or messages. You prospects will appreciate those little attention to details like that.
  2. Ask the right questions – the thing about IT appointment setting, and one that never fails to put marketers (like those in IT telemarketing) in trouble, would be the questions that they ask. Yes, you need to ask questions, to qualify whether a sales lead is worth your time and effort. But you also have to make sure that you are doing it right. You cannot just ask any question. Give questions with substance, crafted to bring out the answers that you need. To do that, you need to do your research. Using social media channels will help you identify the issues that they face, as well as glean usefully information that you can use later on.
  3.  Personally welcome new members – be it in Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest, try to put your utmost to welcome your new followers personally. Send them a welcome message; give them a shout-out, or anything else that you can do. Doing that will help build rapport, as well as establish yourself as a real person to them. Nothing can be more satisfying to a new member or follower than to receive a personalized greeting from the person they are following. Try that, it does not have to take up all your time.
  4. Thank them out loud – in social media marketing, you get plus points if you can announce thank your followers for anything that benefited your business. It may not be that big, or elaborate, but at least you can show them that you appreciate their effort. Be creative in your announcement. Remember, you only need to say a few words, but these words can mean a big deal for them.

Yes, this is easy enough to remember: respond, ask, welcome, and thank. These are the keywords that you should live up to for a successful IT lead generation campaign.


I respond.

When someone sends me a personal message, on Twitter, e-mail, or Facebook, I make every effort to respond to them promptly if warranted. It’s amazing how many people appreciate a simple response. I know I do, so why wouldn’t my audience?

Mark Schaefer, over at {grow} responds to almost every single comment he gets on his blog, even the bad ones. That’s incredible.

I ask questions.

Whether it’s for advice on a new product I should try or help in deciding what book to read next, I ask questions that my audience can easily answer. I sometimes ask questions at the end of my blog posts to generate conversation with my readers. A while back,  I asked my audience to help me decide which book to read next. I got a ton of responses because the question was simple and interactive.

I welcome new Twitter followers personally.

I loathe automated DMs when I follow someone – Those, “Hey! Thanks for following me! Check out my website at www. . .!” That tells me you’re too busy to connect and engage.

Instead, I chose to welcome new followers by sharing them with my audience:





Sometimes they respond:

I thank people out loud.

When someone retweets or shares something of mine, I try and thank them publicly. Look at this exchange: (read from bottom to top): 










A simple and vocal thanks does more for me and the recipient than any other kind of gratitude.

Embracing your audience means making them an active member of your community.

How To Build A Winning Image In IT Telemarketing

How To Build A Winning Image In IT TelemarketingImage is everything in marketing, this is the one rule that you must always keep in mind when conducting your lead generation campaign. Remember that customers and business prospects first remember you by image, by presentation, and by your message, not the product or service that you offer, excellent as it is. The reason successful companies are able to generate sales leads are because they could cultivate a great brand or image. Think of Apple, Samsung, even McDonald’s for that matter. Okay, Apple and Samsung has great products to sell, and their marketing team is excellent, but just imagine McDonald’s getting a lot of customers while their food is, well, less than desirable to most people.

As you can see, generating B2B leads is all about the image. And it does make us wonder how to improve ours. While this may sound like real hard work (it is, unfortunately), as long as you know where to start and are willing to work on it gradually, then you will find cultivating a winning business image to be possible for your firm.

To start with, you should consider the market you want to penetrate. Remember, the image you cultivate must reflect the desires of the prospects that you want to attract. Just imagine trying to get the attention of a couple of teenagers for your funeral insurance business. Very awkward and very inappropriate, right? That is why you need to think your audience well. Failure to do that will greatly complicate your appointment setting process.

Second point that you have to plan well would be marketing tools that you would use. Not everyone can be reached using a single marketing method. You have to be willing to use every tool available to you. If you can only reach prospects using social media, use it. Telemarketing works better for a particular prospect? Take advantage of it. The point here is that you should be ready to employ various communication mediums to achieve the goals you want.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important, you need to plan your image-nurturing plans around the products or services you offer. Consistency is the name of the game here. There is no point creating a flashy or fancy marketing campaign if it does not match the nature of your offer. Remember, you are what your business is. This is the most fundamental rule in business identity, one that is essential for your image.

Of course, it is understandable if you do not have the means (or perhaps the skills) for proper image building. In that case, you will need the help of a professional lead generation agency to help create a good image for your business. They can help you get in touch with business prospects and make sure that your business would float foremost in their minds. There are a lot of such agencies around that you can choose from. You just have to make sure that the agency you choose works well with the business you have.


Don’t Have Any Idea About Lead Generation Marketing Services? Learn From Steve Jobs

t Have Any Idea About Lead Generation Marketing Services? Learn From Steve JobsIt’s been a year since Steve Job’s death and yet, many people can’t ever forget what this man did to the world. He made the world a very convenient place to live in and he made everyone’s pocket a little lighter and it’s all because he listened to people first and then, made the products that can address the needs of everyone.  What Steve Jobs did was to pre-sell his products and he did it with excitement and with precision.  In the world of b2b lead generation marketing services, any company that has its own in-house lead generation campaign or has outsourced lead generation marketing services to b2b lead generation companies should follow what this man had done and what he had done had not only made everyone’s life very convenient but it also has done a lot of financial benefits to his company.  He played lead generation with enthusiasm and vigor.  He listened to people intently and come up with the products that they need and it doesn’t matter to people if those products are expensive or cheap, just as long as they can find out that it can make their life easier, they will buy.

Both companies, the one that is promoting products and/or services and the company that is doing lead generation marketing services for them should learn a lot of things from Steve Jobs.  He has taught everyone that in order to be successful in life and in business, they don’t need to focus on just adding features or creating products.  They need to generate marketing leads, sales leads and business leads in order to find out what people need, concentrate on that need and come up with a solution.

He was not saying that all companies should pre-sell their products and/or services. It’s just that if they already have the products, they must try to generate these qualified leads  first so that they can get all the much needed information about a company from its buying behavior to its financial capacity to buy and what their needs are. By generating leads, companies can actually determine what kind of products and/or services to offer to a specific potential customer.

Another idea that Steve Jobs have taught everyone is if they have products to sell, they must make those products simple and easy to use.  Some people almost two decades ago switched from PC to Mac because PC doesn’t have the graphic-user interface yet or the GUI. It was the Macintosh that introduced the “point-and-click” idea using windows that can be clicked instead of typing a whole line of command.  Today, lead generation marketing services companies may not make their products simple and easy to use but if they can talk with the prospects, they can eve make the most complicated products they have easier and convenient to use just as long as the buyer can fully understand what and how to use the product.  Companies can do this if they have their own led generation marketing services campaign to use for generating qualified leads.

If Steve Jobs is still alive today, he might be concentrating also on how to create and utilize the best lead generation marketing services campaign and he will actually make it very simple and easy to use.  He is, indeed, a role model for everyone from lead generation marketing companies to the companies that avail the b2b sales lead generation services of those lead generation marketing firms.