3 Expert Tips for Getting B2B Leads from the IT Industry

3 Expert Tips for Getting B2B Leads from the IT Industry

As much as everyone in the business world all have come to rely on email, social media, content, mobile web and marketing automation, it all still boils down to a phone call. The IT industry is not an exception; they may be experts in online and software technology, but they still like talking on the phone – especially for business.

IT consulting firms are typically the target for a B2B lead generation campaign. And because they’re in the IT consulting genre, telemarketers can never really persuade them through “technical” words. In short, one has to find another route if they want to get leads from IT people.

Here are three simple but ‘advanced’ steps for you to land that lead:

  1. Uncover pain. Before the call, you should have a rock-hard understanding of the pain points that this prospect might be having. Try to ask assertive questions regarding the current condition of other businesses in the industry. What challenges are they experiencing? Some prospects would deny their struggles, in which case you need to cite examples of what other particular companies are going through. If you’re able to have them open up to you about their problems, the next steps would be a lot easier.
  2. Establish value. It’s important to have available resources in your pocket, ready to be pulled out during the conversation whenever necessary. What resources, you ask? Unique value propositions. If a prospect tells you they’ve been having problems with something, make sure you have something valuable to share that addresses that issue, something that could make them realize that you do know what you’re talking about. It’s not just facts and figures; you should be able to send across a message full of insight and expertise.
  3. Make sure it clicks. Getting a ‘yes’ from a prospect doesn’t guarantee a healthy business relationship. Most marketers can become so focused on ‘closing the deal’ without really taking time to assess whether they’ve found a worthy match. Is the prospect absolutely sure? Will this deal withstand time? Does the lead meet all the criteria set for defining a qualified, targeted lead? If a half-boiled lead is passed on to the next stage of the sales process only to be deemed not good enough, it would have wasted a huge amount of resources. It’s better to tell as early as possible if it’s a winning deal.

How Can Web Security Firms Improve Sales Leads Production

How Can Web Security Firms Improve Sales Leads Production

Website security is pretty much an in-demand business in the IT and software industry. Considering the cost of protecting company’s computer and web systems from illegal access and usage, offering such a service to potential sales leads is good business. Still, the challenge here for web security firms is how to make their offer sell. Think about it this way: there are so many of you in the market right now, and the number of potential customers can be limited. This poses a challenge to your B2B lead generation efforts. You want to sell something, right? But you want to sell a lot. How will you be able to do that? Well, here are some suggestions that you can follow:

  1. Make a quick sale – the idea here is that you are offering a product or service for a limited time only. This creates a sense of urgency in the minds of your B2B leads prospects, an impression that is bolstered by your marketing efforts. The best example of this would be the infomercials you see on TV. Done properly, this can help them make money.
  2. Give exclusive offers – another way to make customers respond better to your B2B appointment setting calls is by giving them special offers or perks. This is especially useful for long-time customers, who now feel that they are valued by your company. You should also use this as a form of lead nurturing, essentially a way to maintain your connection with your customers.
  3. Get help from your distributors – one way to improve your sales is by getting your distributors in the act. There are a lot of them who are willing to ship items closer to the start of selling season or can sell items immediately after the lead qualification period. If you can choose your marketing partner well, you can make a sale much faster than you expect.
  4. Collaborate with other companies – especially those who share the same business with you, but are not competitors. A classic example would be the Windows software suite that was shipped inside IBM computers. This helped the fledgling company become a big name in the software industry. It also helped reduce the marketing cost that the Redmond, VA-based company would have incurred.
  5. Always aim to delight customers – this is such a simple aim, but this is also one that can assure you good sales. The aim of marketing is not just to sell an item. You are also aiming to please, delight, wow, excite, etc. the minds and interests of your B2B leads prospects. This is the one reason why products such as Windows, iPhone, Mars, Axe, etc. are so much in demand in the market today.
  6. Outsource the marketing campaign – if you cannot do it well, then let others do the hard work. Really, there are a lot of things that you can do to improve your business, aside from promoting or anything. Just concentrate on what you do best, and it will be fine.

Try following these tips, and your sales leads problems will be lesser, if not gone.

Boost IT Sales Leads For Your IT Consulting Business

Boost IT Sales Leads For Your IT Consulting Business

Marketing is a pain, let no one say otherwise. We all know how hard it can be to generate sales leads out of a market that may not be ready to accept your business offers. Now, just imagine how hard that would be if you are trying to enter the IT and software market. Your IT lead generation campaign would be a real pain in the neck, especially if you are new to this kind of operation. Well, you know that you have to do this if you want to get new customers coming to your IT consulting firm. But how will you improve your marketing campaign? How will you be able to generate good B2B leads? There are ways to do that, for example:

  1. Think of benefits as an act – too often, we fall to the mistake of merely describing the benefits that our prospects will enjoy if they accept our offer. The trouble here is, that is merely a rundown of features. You have to concretize the benefits that your prospects will receive.
  2. Use prequalified sales leads – you know, there really is no reason for you to chase after business leads that will not turn out productively in the end. I mean, you can just concentrate on those leads that you are sure will convert into a sale or a deal.
  3. Use your time wisely – be it in negotiating for a deal or drumming up interest in your products or services, remember that time is precious. You do not want your time wasted by others, and your prospects definitely do not want their own time wasted with useless chatter.
  4. Listen some more – this could be better observed in a B2B telemarketing campaign, where you have to talk with your prospects and discuss business with them. Now, for you to better understand the issues they have and the kind of solution you can offer, you have to make them talk more than you.
  5. Spend less time on paperwork – this is a common problem for many marketing teams, where one has to file a lot of papers regarding the business prospects they have talked with. Now, if you want to be truly productive, you have to spend less time on this task. Maybe you can have this outsourced to a reliable agency.
  6. Create shorter sales cycles – the shorter time you spend qualifying sales leads, the more time you spend on other leads as well. It will also make recording and negotiations more bearable. Besides, the long decision-making process can cause your prospects to get cold feet and walk away from the deal.
  7. Up-sell – basically, you ask your prospects if they want to increase their order, be it in the size of the shipment or the complexity of the solution they need, at a higher prices. If you do this right, this could be a very profitable marketing strategy.
  8. Think ahead – you need to prepare for any eventuality in the business. Fail to do that, and you will lose your edge in the market.

Keep this in mind and you will see a boost in your B2B lead generation campaign.

Dealing With Price Objections? Handle IT Sales Leads Better In Five Ways

You have to admit that the network monitoring industry is a pretty good one. After all, when it comes to business operations that span all over the globe, one needs to have a way to monitor all the employees. The problem here, if you have not identified it yet, is the need to find and generate sufficient IT sales leads for your business. That would require you to have a really good IT lead generation process set up. Not only that, you must also be able to handle objections from your prospects. How will you address concerns on, say, price? That is one common topic. The way you solve that issue will determine whether you make a sale or not. And here is how you do it:

  1. Know the truth – when your prospects say that your offer is too expensive, do they really mean it? If price was not an issue, would they still buy from you? If they say ‘yes’ to the latter, then there is hope to getting that deal. If ‘no’, then there is nothing you can really do. You might as well walk away from it. This is something that first-time marketers tend to forget, with all their thought absorbed on how to make a sale.
  2. Is the price objection a condition? Closely related the negative response in the above factor, this is the part where price is such an absolute factor to your B2B leads prospects that they simply could not make a deal with you at all. I mean, there is no point pursuing them if they have no budget for it. Such prospects are practically impossible to negotiate with
  3. Try putting on their shoes – a little empathy can go a long way, especially if the objection raised is just a simple issue of pricing and payment. Here, the prospect is willing to buy or sign up with you. It is the payment terms that they are having a hard time dealing with. Try to understand what they are getting to. See what solution both parties will find to general agreement.
  4. Concentrate on the issue, not on you two – one mistake that B2B telemarketing representatives commonly make during their appointment setting call is to see such objections as a battle between their price and the price of their prospects. Honestly, that would be a losing arrangement, for both sides. Try approaching the problem like partners. Not only will it be less stressful, you both might actually come to an agreement.
  5. Find the answer – closely related to point number five, you must get your business prospects to work with you on a solution. Some of the best business deals are sealed because the prospect and the seller worked on a common solution. In this way, the prospect got exactly what they were looking for. It would be a win-win situation for all.

Yes, you can make a sale, despite price objections. You just have to be creative and resourceful enough for your B2B lead generation campaign.