All The Good Things Managed IT Services Can Do For Your Business

All the good things Managed IT Services can do for your business

Imagine having someone to go to work and perform your boring tasks for you, and all you have to do is sit pretty, wait for the paycheck, and give him some dough. Sounds great, right?

What’s even better is that this “clone” is actually an expert version of you – more efficient, more knowledgeable, and more “techie”. Which means your job is accomplished at a very high level of quality, without you having to move a single muscle.

That’s exactly what Managed IT services can do for a business.

Managing and maintaining one’s IT infrastructure is something that no business owner really enjoys doing. First of all, he’s a businessman. He couldn’t care less about software maintenance or bandwidth management or data recovery or equipment repair. All he wants is to focus on how his business can generate income.

With Managed IT services, you leave the fate of your IT in the hands of IT professionals. You get to save yourself from a lot stress and save a lot of resources at the same time.

But that’s not the only thing you can benefit from outsourcing your IT:

  • Out: labor costs. In: flexible rates. With Managed IT services, you only pay for the service you used. No more worrying about the expenses of hiring, training, and paying for in-house technicians who might not even be up to the task in the first place.

  • Out: old school methods. In: innovative, trendy technology. As Managed IT services providers, they are expected to be equipped with the latest software and know-how when it comes to enterprise IT. This ensures that your competitors won’t get ahead.

  • Out: security woes. In: trusty disaster recovery programs. Security standards are almost imperative when working with an outside firm, because that’s obviously one of the main concerns of a business that’s looking to outsource. You can sleep well at night knowing that all your data are backed-up and secured in case of a threat.

  • Out: legal, financial risks. In: compliance and stability. Every business that uses technology plays with a certain amount of risk, especially with government regulations, IT policies and market requirements. Passing that responsibility to your own outside IT team can get some of the pressure off your back.

  • Out: juggling between tasks. In: more focus on business. Business owners have limited time, attention and energy to check on every aspect of the company. With the IT aspect taken care of by the right people, more concentration can be given to what matters most: running the business.

B2B Telemarketing Tips For Your Web Hosting Services

B2B Telemarketing Tips For Your Web Hosting Services

Among the most lucrative business enterprises that one can involve himself in, managing hosting services can be among the best choices. Still, competition in this field is intense. Either you succeed in generating B2B leads or not at all. As a businessman or sales manager, you want to be sure that everything you do, be it in planning your B2B telemarketing campaign or in the sales leads that you want to generate, lead towards your ultimate goal. This is a business necessity that you have to do right or not at all. So, how will you do that? How can you make your campaign succeed? Well, it will not hurt you to know a few things:

1. Add a human touch – keep in mind that, although you are in a web services business, you are ultimately in a ‘people’ business. As a marketer or business executive, you still have to talk to people not taking that into consideration, your marketing campaign would come out as extremely impersonal, unfeeling, and just the type that business prospects walk away from.

2. Be empathetic – empathy is the most important component of your marketing efforts. If you want to be effective in generating more sales leads, you have to make sure that the people you put in your B2B appointment setting campaign are capable of showing empathy, understanding the problems that people face, as well as consider the importance of their business to them. It is one great way to establish rapport, too.

3. Respond fast – in the event that a business prospect calls you back or sends you a message, you should respond in the soonest possible time. Every minute that is wasted not replying is a minute gained by your competition over you. Once you have gained contact with your prospects, be quick on the reply and interact with them appropriately.

4. Honesty is the best policy – this is, no doubt, the one rule that you should never disobey. You cannot believe just how difficult it could be to build your reputation, probably years, and how easy it is to wreak it, like overnight. If you want to make sure that your B2B lead generation campaign would remain believable, just be out with the truth with your business prospects. That would be a better tactic for you to employ.

5. Listen well – when your sales leads prospects talk, make sure you stop and listen. You see, the success of your marketing efforts depends on your ability to get the issues and problems your prospects face into your head, analyze it, and come up with solutions that they would want. You cannot do that if all you do is read out your calling script, spiel, or what-not’s.

As a marketer, these are tips that you should never take lightly. In the event that you, for some reason, would be unable to do your own B2B lead generation campaign for your web hosting services, then you should consider outsourcing this to a professional B2B telemarketing firm.

Seven Ways You Can Leave Better Voice Mails To IT Sales Leads

Seven Ways You Can Leave Better Voice Mails To IT Sales Leads

Yes, you might think that voicemail is pretty old-fashioned in a B2B lead generation campaign for the IT market. But you have to admit that, in the event that your sales leads prospects are not around, you really have to leave a voice message. Now, you know that successfully placing the right voice mail would elicit a positive reaction from your prospects. It is in how you should do it that really matters. Voice mails is pretty much an art that is slowly disappearing in today’s current business environment. So, here is the question: how can your voice mail compel B2B leads prospects to respond positively to you?

  1. State your name at the beginning and your number at the end – too many marketers these days often forget about this very important detail. Most tend to speed up when they say their callback numbers, while there are those who seem to mince words when they say their names. Be clear and succinct in these parts. If ever, these might be what your prospects need to read your.
  2.  Leave a voicemail from your preferred callback number – in other words, you should use your office phone. Some marketers, for the sake of convenience in their work, call their prospect using personal phones, but make them call the office. Such complications are unnecessary.
  3. Have a reference point as well as specific intent – the thing about voicemails is that the ones where you and your IT appointment setting prospects have a common denominator are usually returned. Also, if you state your purpose clearly on why you are calling them, they are more willing to call you back.
  4. Be brief and plan well – the most effective voicemails are the ones that can tell you what they precisely need at the shortest possible time. This requires that you think critically about the composition of your message and how your prospects will hear it.
  5. Do not ask questions – the purpose of voicemails is to get your prospects to call you, not to leave questionnaires. If you want to learn more about your prospects, ask them directly when they call you back. Or, you can also call them again and ask those questions. Take your pick.
  6. Professionalism and enthusiasm – voicemails left by telemarketing representatives can be returned if the one leaving it state their purpose in a professional and enthusiastic manner. This can be felt by the other party, even if you do not see each other. Stay upbeat, and courteous, and you can be sure to get a response.
  7. Keep calling – when all else fails, a little persistence can go a long way. Try to call your prospects again when you still do not get a response from them. Who knows, maybe the second or third time calling is the charm. Just remember that you need to act as respectful as you can. You are asking for their business, not the other way around. You have to gain their favor at the start.

There are other things you can do, but the tips above will put you right on track with your B2B lead generation campaign.

Be Better In IT Telemarketing In Five Ways

Be Better In IT Telemarketing In Five Ways

For an IT managed services company, getting more sales leads can be pretty hard. So, when you have the chance, when you are given an opportunity to speak with potential customers, you should take it as an opportunity for a sale to happen. Do not waste it. Well, for some marketers, especially those who use B2B telemarketing as the communication medium, doing that may seem to be a pretty daunting task. In any case, it is all about proper management. B2B lead generation is not a mystery. It is part and parcel of your normal business operations. If you know how to properly handle a business conversation, then you will not have any problems. Now, here are some tips that you will find useful during the conversation phase:

1. Break topics into smaller pieces – the average attention span of a busy manager is just half a minute. If you want to speak your piece as to why your offer is the best, break the sub-topics into, at most, thirty-second long talks. This will also help organize your thoughts and pretty much get your topic across your B2B leads prospect.
2. Watch out for boredom – yes, this will be tougher when all your talk is on the phone, but you can always note the verbal and non-verbal cues that your prospects display through the phone. The signs can be easy to pick up, like sighs, interruptions, coughs, etc. Carefully gauge the interest of your prospect. If you suspect that it is waning, work harder on getting it back.
3. Seek permission for story-telling – while you might be able to get your message across better by telling a story, always ask permission first. Stories can be lengthy, and if your business prospect is a busy person, they are least likely to have the time to listen. Lucky for you if they allow you to. If not, then you can only do your best in describing the benefits that your offer can bring.
4. Be direct – since time is of the essence here, most importantly on the side of your prospects, your appointment setting team should not waste it. Tell them to go straight to the point. You need to get your message across quickly. Going around the bush will not make your prospects think that you are wasting their time: you are wasting their time.
5. Focus on value – value is everything, make no mistake about it. While your pricing may be a bit high, it becomes a moot point if your business prospects see that accepting the products you offer will be beneficial for them. You have to be clear, concise, and concrete in describing the value your company can offer.

In any case, these tips would work well when you are actually doing it. Still, just to be sure that this is properly done, you can always outsource this to a professional B2B lead generation agency. These firms would have the people, equipment, and the capabilities to bring you more customers.

Downsize Your IT Telemarketing Team And Still Work

Downsize Your IT Telemarketing Team And Still Work

You know, when it comes to continuing your business, downsizing your operations becomes inevitable. And this also includes your own lead generation campaigns. I tell you, this can be a very costly affair for your company, and if there is any way for you to downsize your operations still keep your ability to generate sales leads, then you should take it. You just cannot spend so much for a telemarketing campaign for so long, that is not feasible for your long-term plans. But here lies the question: how can you do that? This is a question that has certainly made a lot of marketers wonder, not only you.

  1. Go paperless – with the development of scanning equipment and digital data storage, you can still be able to record paper documentation, and then store them in just a small space. You do not have to spend on storage facilities and the like. That would free up more funding for your business operations.
  2. More software virtualization – virtualization of servers is one of the latest developments in software and hardware technologies. This allows companies to use their servers in the upmost capacity, without increasing the number of servers to support your processes. Power and cooling costs would drop. And with this kind of technology improving, this can go even lower.
  3. Downsize your work stations – electronic equipment occupies a huge amount of space, there is no mistaking that. To further save you on the effort, you can opt for software tools that reduce your communication needs to only one computer. No need for routers or hard phones, just the right software tool to do the appointment setting job.
  4. Redefine the meeting room – sure, you may need a formal meeting room for meeting with B2B leads prospects or clients, but you can always embrace the multi-function work areas that can be used for meetings, trainings, and other activities that you and your employees may need to use. It is all about being able to adapt to your needs.
  5. Try telecommuting – here is a good question: do you really need to monitor your employees all the time? If not, and if the data they handle is not that sensitive, then why not let them work in their homes. That will save you more on work spaces. Indeed, there are some companies that has done away with the traditional office space, simply because everyone is working in their homes, using their own tools to communicate and collaborate with each other. All they need is a reliable internet connection.

You know, this is all about being open to change, and of being ready to adapt. There are a lot of things that you can do in your office that can be put to the minimum. We already have to work spaces and tools discussed, even the people involved in your B2B lead generation campaigns. In any case, a little creativity and resourcefulness can go a long way in your work. These will help you do your job right.