Choose your Character: Gamifying the Selection of a B2B Lead Generation Company

Choose your Character- Gamifying the Selection of a B2B Lead Generation Company

Gamification, in modern parlance, refers to the incorporation of video game elements (strategies, tactics, etc.) to real-life experiences. Concepts such as “min-maxing” and “camping”, terms most common to nerds, can be relevant to a diverse range of settings: courting, studying, raising a child, and of course, business.

B2B companies can gain a lot from gamifying their appointment setting and lead generation programs. In games like Starcraft and Assassin’s Creed, managers can learn about the importance of effective resource allocation, item usage and terrain utilization.

But just like in numerous games, things get increasingly tough with each level. And while you can always reach save points and use cheat codes in these games, a business is always left alone to handle its progress in the B2B marketing world, hence requiring intervention from an outsourcing group.

B2B lead generation companies serve as power-ups that game characters need to overcome certain challenges. Still, selecting the appropriate company to help you in your marketing efforts requires using the same mechanics in gaming.

Check for these qualities in selecting the right Player Two to share controllers with.

Thorough knowledge of the game. Knowing how the game works is crucial in developing effective strategies or ways to go around a given problem.

Progress and success is never possible if there is a lack of mastery of even the most basic functions, so always go for an outsourcing company that knows its trade all too well.

Experience. What makes a gamer? Is it the unrelenting propensity to swear? Or is it the ability to consume a large amount of junkfood and soda without throwing up?

The right answer would be experience. Experience is as vital as competency because it gives a company a sense of direction. It helps, by invoking solutions that worked in the past, to create better solutions to emerging problems.


Multi-channel expertise. An expert gamer is one that has tried all available consoles. An expert lead generation company on the other hand uses all sorts of audience touch points and channels to full effect. Through B2B multi-channel marketing, a company gains access to a large number of decision-makers that can open up numerous business opportunities.

Analytical skills. Min-maxing pertains to the process of allocating attribute and experience points to game characters. Players need to determine which aspects of their character should be strengthened and weakened to reach an ideal “character build.” It is a process common in role-playing games like Everquest and World of Warcraft that can also be practiced in determining priorities such as call volumes, keywording, link building, email marketing, and client profiling.

Forget what your parents said about video games. They are fun and they can bring the best in us, not only within the game world, but also outside of it.

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