Effective Lead Generation? Curb Your Social Media Presence

Effective Lead Generation? Curb Your Social Media Presence

Now, before you start saying that this is a very bad business tactic, allow me to share with you a personal experience. Having worked in marketing for years, the need to get involved in social media marketing to generate more B2B leads for my IT company became a necessity. But here is the problem, despite how active I was in so many social networks; I still find it hard to reach my IT lead generation goals. I just could not connect with my sales leads prospects correctly. I suppose some of you have experienced the same thing, too, wondering why it is so hard to use social media in appointment setting work. Well, in my experience, I found one excellent solution: reduce your social media presence.

You can probably blame social media network themselves in putting us in this predicament. With the variety of avenues in which you can tap in, you might end up stretching yourself too thin. Besides, there is the possibility that the network that you are using is actually a network that only a few of your prospects are involved in. It sure makes it more practical to just concentrate on the ones that matter the most. And here is how you do it:

1. Ask your customers – you could probably have a telemarketing survey about the most used social media networks by your customers and business prospects. Ask them directly, observe how they use. That will give you an idea on which ones will matter the most, and allow you to concentrate on these better. But you have to make sure that the calling list you have contain the actual users of these networks, not some user who tap into these networks for the sake of attention.
2. Test your research – you may have learned a lot regarding the social media preferences of your audience, but you should test the waters first. Join these networks for a period of time, see if they really work well for you. You do not want to be in that network for the sake of being there. You want to generate B2B leads. If you see that one network is not showing you results, then you should go try another one.
3. Focus on the networks that work – basically, you should be spending as much time and budget on these networks. It makes sense to put that much investment in order to meet up with more business prospects.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that social media marketing is not the sole source of business leads for your company. You can also employ other tools, like search engine optimization, email, even telemarketing. What is important here is that you use the ones that will work well with your business and can be integrated seamlessly with the marketing process that you have. This might take you some time to find the right fit, but the effort is worth it. You will be able to get a lot of sales leads this way.

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