IN DEPTH: IT Sales Lead Generation

IN DEPTH: IT Sales Lead GenerationThe sales lead generation process for IT companies is way too different and complicated compared to other lead generation in other industries. In this kind of sector, rigorous and precise means are needed to effectively carry out the operation; target audience are also very hard to reach, and products and services are completely intricate and complex, which prolongs the evaluation and the selection process that runs for almost several months, if not years to make a target into a sales lead, and from sales lead into an actual client.

Leads in IT sector are acquired not via a mere cold call, an email, or even a referral. And even though business appointment has already took place between the two parties, it still doesn’t guarantee a final purchase decision for a careful lead nurturing is still needed along the way until a deal has been closed.

Also, in technology sales, the target market is usually exclusive for business to business only and the main target is the primary decision maker or the CEO in that matter, which is quite different from the traditional ones where targets can be anyone from a regular employee up to the highest ranked officer.

Considering that you a salesperson in the IT industry, you need then to bend over backwards just to ensure the identification and the accessibility of your b2b targets, otherwise, you’ll end up suffering the consequences caused by your mishandling of the situation. And despite the opportunity of meeting and talking to the key decision makers, unless you completely understand your client’s sentiments and point of view, you’ll still end up on the wrong page.

As previously said, the IT sector is indeed very puzzling and incomprehensible at times; no matter how well you know your products, if you fail to understand the hidden and the underlying issues and goals of your clients, you’ll never make it to the top of the game.

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