IT Mistakes That Ruin Your IT Lead Generation Management

IT Mistakes That Ruin Your IT Lead Generation Management

Now that you are in the IT lead generation business, you should remember that doing business here is in a different dimension compared to our normal brick and mortar business models. But still, with the way markets change, you know that you have adapt your B2B leads generation process to the new marketing landscape. And adapting to that means making it preparing for the challenges, as well as avoiding some tech mistakes that can affect your IT sales leads being worked on. So, what are these blunders that you should be avoiding?

  1.  Buying the wrong equipment – or cheap ones at that, since these two are the most common errors committed even before an IT lead generation campaign takes place. Yes, you may be able to save a few bucks from the cheaper stuff (or finally be able to get some spanking new equipment, for that matter) but if it does not help in your work, then you are not getting it right.
  2. Using weak passwords – data and hardware security is very important, that is why you should put passwords on your devices. The problem here is the strength of your passwords. You can never trust the power of password protection. A skilled hacker could easily get that, or you would probably let it slip and end up informing the others.
  3. Think that you are anonymous – all right, suppose that you are using a pseudonym and an avatar online, you think your identity is safe, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. No matter what you do, there will always be a way to uncover what you have hidden. So, if you do not want your deepest secrets spilled out when potential sales leads Google about you and your business, please do not post anything online.
  4.  Using the cloud to store sensitive data – for a lot of businesses, especially the smaller ones, the allure of cheap cloud storage services can be very irresistible. But here is the problem: what assurance do you have that the B2B leads data you store there would remain safe. Remember, despite the advancement in online security, the fact that you do not have your data on your company site, left in the hands of outsiders, can be a major security risk. This is something that you must seriously consider before making a decision.
  5. No anti-virus software – really, this is one aspect that a lot of business owners tend to overlook. Anti-virus software programs are designed to protect your computers and servers from unauthorized access, as well as malicious programs that may steal data or, worse, delete it from your business database. It may be expensive, but trust me, it is all worth it.

These five tips can serve as a good start to a proper appointment setting campaign, even for those conduct IT telemarketing campaigns. You can learn a lot more as you go about your work. Just remember, to use common sense. That is the safest route that you should take.

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