Three Threats To Be Seen For WordPress Users

Three Threats To Be Seen For WordPress UsersTechnology plays a huge role in the continued survival of a business firm. Most noticeable is the use of the Internet to support sales operation, like commercial websites. One of the most popular platforms in which to base a website from is through WordPress. While this can provide users with greater flexibility and stability, there are three vulnerabilities that can threaten them. This is where you, the IT consultant, can help them with. Such people can be potential B2B leads, the ones that your lead generation campaign will be able to uncover. But what kind of threats should you say to your IT consulting leads?

  1. Website hacking – one reason you can say during your appointment setting campaign is that WordPress-powered websites can be easily hacked by those who are familiar with the prospect’s systems. Since this might be too technical, they will need your professional assistance.
  2. Free may not mean safe – one can install a lot of free themes or plug-ins that may actually contain security exploits. You can use telemarketing if you want to explain this problem better with your prospects, since this might be too technical to be read at a glance.
  3. Login details can be stolen – default login processes can be easily accessed by hackers or by anyone who wants to access it. You can show your expertise here by telling your prospects what they should do to avoid illegal access.

As long as you know what to say during your lead generation campaign, it will be easy to find your IT consulting leads.

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