The 7 Imperatives Of A Successful IT-Software Product Launch

The 7 imperatives of a successful IT-Software product launch

The thing about the IT or software industries is that they have a unique audience – they are more detail-driven, output-oriented and meticulous in nature. If you’re planning to host a coming-out party for your product, you have to really know how such a techie industry would receive it.

Self-help books and experts can offer tons of pointers to pull off a successful product launch, but there are only a handful of aspects that could really set the tone for the event. These are the essentials; the top items on your to-do list before that big day.

Are you ready? Here’s how you check:

  1. How much do you know your target market? While you may already know who they are, what they do and what they know, do you have an idea how they respond to product launches? Do you know their positions on certain issues? Do you know to keep them entertained and focused? Do you know what they think of your competition?
  2. Don’t expect a storm of leads – This is a product launch, not a top-of-the-funnel marketing activity, so don’t count on leads to come pouring in. You can give out forms and collect data, sure, but launches are mainly targeted on people who truly care – past clients, warm prospects, and product-specific buyers. Go after them.
  3. Use social media to “test the waters” – The notion that “product research is useless” is a myth. It’s a great deal of help as long as you know how. By giving your followers and fans a taste of what’s to come, you can get an idea – a small picture of their response, while building up the hype at the same time.
  4. Spread the memo – A launch can only be successful if everyone is on board and on the same page. It’s more than just letting them know what’s going on; the goals and desires of the company must be clear across the board so the rowboat can sail smoothly.
  5. Create a frame-by-frame storyboard – Imagine yourself as the head writer of a Pixar animated film and you’re presenting the screenplay to the big bosses of Disney. You have to let your team know what would, should, and could happen at each phase of the launch, just to set expectations.
  6. Make your statement flawless – Whether it’s a full-pledged article on your website or a speech you’re planning to make, you got to pull off a “Gettysburg” to help make the launch impact bigger. You only get to make a launch statement once – there’s no room for gaffes and lack of substance. Remember, your market is full of experts and authorities in technology.
  7. Anchor your launch to a bigger, relevant story – Choose carefully an occasion or news item that you can use to accompany your product launch. You would want to use a lighter, merrier subject like Christmas or pop culture trends like movies or music .Steer clear of sensitive events like warfare, political anecdotes or person-specific stories to avoid negative feedback.

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