Winning More IT Sales Leads, Without The Price Cut

In today’s highly-commoditized market, the strength of your brand in attracting more IT sales leads is no longer as secure as it was before. If your competition can bring something that works just as well, but at a cheaper price, you can be sure that everyone will flock to it. That is the same thing that will happen to them if their competition does that as well. This is the same story in any kind of industry you belong to, be it in ERP software, POS service, email, etc. But you can keep your customers and make your IT lead generation campaign effective. And there are a lot of ways to do that.

  1. Talk more about them – whatever new product or service that you would announce, make it a point to focus your message on what your customers will want to hear. There should be no ‘we’re happy to announce’, ‘we’re excited at the opportunity’, or anything like that. Rather, concentrate on what makes your customers feel great when they talk about you.
  2. Give your non-buying customers a call – you can do a telemarketing survey on customers who end up not buying from you. Experience will teach you that there is no question that is more revealing than you asking “why did you not buy?” to customers. This opens up a lot of data that can be used to improve your marketing efforts.
  3. Always add a little ‘extra’ – now this is something that a lot of companies really fail to understand. When you add something extra, it is not in preparation for the next purchase. It is that additional benefit that you give for those who made a purchase now. It could be a 10 percent off the sales price on cash purchases, a free pizza, or even something as simple as a personal ‘thank you’ note to your customers. This is a good way to keep B2B leads positively thinking of you.
  4. Prepare for future needs – in today’s marketing, it is not enough to make a sale. You must also have the effort to ensure that you have your prospect’s back, in case something comes up in the future. For example, if you sell cars, then you should anticipate their need for new tires, accessories, or anything else that would add value to their purchase. Even if you do not provide that service, you can always make their lives easier by helping them find those who can.
  5. Find more sales leads for your sales lead – well, if you are going to cultivate a long-term relationship with your customers, you should also make an effort to get them customers of their own. This is a good way to get your B2B appointment setting involved with their business process, as well as ensure that you have continued connection with your prospects.

As you can see, even without a price cut, you can stir be effective in your B2B lead generation campaigns. It is all about being creative and resourceful enough to use your company’s strengths in attracting more B2B leads.

Post By Barbara McKinney (99 Posts)

Business Development Consultant for helping IT businesses increase their ROI using various marketing channels.

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