What It Takes To Boost Lead Generation In The IT Industry

What it takes to Boost Lead Generation in the IT Industry

IT lead generation is a bit trickier compared to other industry penetration efforts. It is important to know what strategies to use in getting the IT sales leads that your business needs to improve your profit margins.

There are some basics that you have to observe if you want to be successful in such a critical and fast-paced online environment:

  1. A website designed to kill. In business, especially online, image is everything. You can never attract prospects from the IT industry if your website looks like it’s been hand-drawn by a kindergarten student. Not only does it need to look good, it also needs to function well. IT people live and breathe technology, so to impress them should be a priority.
  2. Work on your SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is a dying science, so they say, thanks to Google and its seemingly endless parade of algorithm releases. But that doesn’t mean you should stop incorporating keywords and creating back links for your site. The basic principle still remains intact, and along with quality content, SEO must still be part of anyone’s strategy.
  3. Take advantage of email. A lot of businesses use email marketing, but only a few of them really use it in its maximum potential. It’s not just about sending prospects the stuff that they need; it’s also about expanding into new territories, exploring the possibilities of new age content and catering to the on-the-go email users. What’s great is that email marketing provides for countless tools to help marketers measure its effectiveness, so there’s no reason not to utilize it.
  4. Take social media seriously. And that’s despite of the fact that social media may not take you seriously. The thing about social media marketing is its incapacity to actually convert leads into sales, and that’s something everyone needs to accept for now, because face it: you need social media. You need to institute online presence in your market, and you can only achieve that by getting involved in social media circles.
  5. Be multifaceted. Using a singular approach to all your marketing efforts? You need to stroll around the block more often, especially in the neighborhood of IT products and services. This industry has the privilege of having the skill to produce and use an assortment of tools and methods to enhance their lead generation campaigns. Snoop around so you can get a taste of the goods.

8 Ways Google Analytics Data can boost B2B Lead Generation Sales

8 Ways Google Analytics Data can boost B2B Lead Generation SalesThe best thing about using Google Analytics is that marketers can focus on specific, actionable ways to increase sales based on prospects’ behavioral data.

When prospects visit your site or download stuff from your blog page, Analytics can help you determine the causes and effects of each of the actions taken. Regular checking of page traffic and popularity can assist the business keep an eye of the marketplace .It’s a necessary tool especially in making sure that lead generation is easily facilitated.

Google Analytics gives you access to sales conversion, product sales, and revenue data which can be used to establish actionable ways to increase leads sales according to MarketingProfs:

  1. Bounce rates can provide a hint about which pages on your website may need to be improved.
  2. Exit pages will tell you where users are leaving the website. For instance, if the most common exit page is a newsletter sign-up page, then it may not be the right place for a call to action to sign up for the website’s monthly newsletter.
  3. Conversion rate and revenue will likely become the two most important metrics you use to track which marketing efforts are successful.
  4. Social media information: Google Analytics now includes social media tracking and behavior through Goals. Paying attention to what page and content were shared can give websites a good indicator of which things that prospects care about the most.
  5. Device used: If a significant portion of an e-commerce website’s traffic is from mobile, it might be worth the development cost to design a mobile site or application. Catering to how customers are accessing products can make purchases simpler and easier.
  6. Revenue per keyword. With Google Analytics e-commerce tracking, you can both track how many sales each keyword is driving and you how many dollars of revenue each keyword is driving. Since some keywords will naturally drive a smaller average order size, knowing which ones will allow you to more accurately focus your efforts on your most profitable keywords.
  7. Revenue per landing page. Track which landing pages are bringing in the most revenue. Drive more traffic to successful pages, and strategize to improve the less successful pages.
  8. Promotions and campaigns. Track revenue, average order size, and other key metrics for each promotional offer or campaign you run.

Five Pointers To Effective IT Marketing Leads Generation

Five Pointers To Effective IT Marketing Leads Generation

When generating qualified sales leads in the IT industry, you have to first understand the importance of getting in touch with your market. Some might think that this is a mystery, but it is really not. Rather, it is in knowing what you should and should not be doing during your B2B lead generation campaign. You can forget all those clever marketing suggestions and analysis by pundits. Sometimes, you just have to personally dive in and get your hands dirty. Only then will you know what is wrong and what you should be doing. As for becoming more effective in generating marketing leads in the IT industry, you need to take note of a few essentials:

  1. Observe the trends – the most basic of your marketing campaign. You know that you need to sell something, but you can only do that if you know what your market needs. Buyer behavior and product trends change quickly, so you should put some effort in studying the trends and anticipating what the next ‘big thing’ would be.
  2. Get your pricing right – you know that price is the biggest issue when it comes to selling. If it price too high, your B2B leads are most likely to back off. If it is priced too low, then they think that you are cheap. Getting that balance between the two is essential. You have to make a profit, but at the same time encourage people to buy from you.
  3. Manage your operations properly – the reason why some marketing campaigns are in trouble is because of improper management of the people assigned to it. For example, if you are going to use B2B telemarketing, you have to have a good calling list, skilled marketing personnel, not to mention the right equipment to get the job done. You have to be very good at organizing and managing these if you want to get good results.
  4. Concentrate on quality – this is an addition to point number two. If you can provide your customers and potential sales leads with very good products, the price can easily become a moot point. When your customers see that you can consistently deliver quality products or services, they are more likely to stick with you.
  5. Go for profit – this is one factor that a lot of business owners and managers overlook. Yes, you need to make a profit, and everything you do should be geared towards that goal. Well, this point will not apply for non-profit companies, but you have to admit that the profit you generate could be used to further your business. You need it.

Still, marketing can be hard for some companies, especially those who are still starting up. For these companies, it might be a good idea to invest in some outsourced IT leads generation agency. You just have to choose the right partner, one that will function harmoniously with your own business. As a business investment, this is one guaranteed to help make your B2B appointment setting efforts a success.

Five Dumb Phrases In An IT Telemarketing Inquiry

Five Dumb Phrases In An IT Telemarketing Inquiry

In the course of your IT telemarketing campaign, especially if you are using a business list of old customer contacts, there will always be times when you meet prospects that require a little more handling than the norm. Not that they are demanding or anything. They were just let down by someone in your company in the past (or even now). When that happens, you need to be at your best. Smooth their ruffled feathers, find a solution for them, etc. Otherwise, they will be taking their business somewhere else. Now that is lost sales leads. And who wants that to happen, right? Unfortunately, be it the upper management’s fault or an oversight on your part, what you tell your customers may add fuel to the fire.

Really, you cannot believe just how big a damage some dumb phrases create in the hearts of unsatisfied customers. Your company let them down, remember? Now, it is your job to save their business (and make your future IT appointment setting campaigns much easier to do). Knowing what to say is important, true, but it is also equally important to know what NOT to say. Seriously, latter list is much smaller compared to the former, making for easier reading. So, what are these offending phrases that you should know about?

  1. “That is our policy” – seriously, part of your lead generation work is to make the lives of your prospects easier. Now, in the event that you encounter B2B leads prospect that turned out to be an unhappy customer, saying something like ‘that is our policy’ will never get you far. Indeed, it might get you booted out.
  2. “There is nothing I can do” – really, is that what you should say? To tell you the truth, there is still something you can do, and that is by returning the money that you took from your customer (within reasonable time, of course). That would be a real good solution.
  3. “Would you mind holding for a minute?” – it may be innocuous, but what would you do if the customer says ‘No’? That would certainly make for an awkward moment. It would have been better if you just explain outright why you are putting them on hold and for how long.
  4. “You will have to visit our website” – take note, there is a reason why you are calling your prospects, and that is to know what their problems are. Once you do, then you can provide them a solution. Telling them to visit your company website defeats the purpose of your call. Basically, you are going to drive away their business. And is that not the last thing you need?
  5. “That is the manufacturer’s responsibility” – this is a common reply when one buys from a middleman. To tell you the truth, if you are in that kind of business, be ready to shoulder the cost and effort to reach the manufacturers of you defective products. You see, in the eyes of your customers, you took their money. Therefore, this is your responsibility.

Honestly, these are really dumb answers, and rarely will this get you anywhere in your lead generation campaigns.

The Problem With Social Media, Integrity, And IT Lead Generation

The Problem With Social Media, Integrity, And IT Lead GenerationIn the world of IT lead generation, where the use of pseudonyms is common and fanfare is the norm, showing some honesty and integrity is highly valued by business prospects. After all, when it comes to deals and sales, knowing just who are you dealing with can mean a great deal. But that is precisely where the problem lies. Too often, we would hear horror stories of businesses getting fleeced out of their hard-earned money because of fraud. This is the reality of online marketing, where looking and generating sales leads can be a challenge. There is a reason why it is hard.

The keyword here is integrity. IT appointment setting transactions depend on trust between two parties. Let us assume that you are really intent in doing business with others. The problem here is that the other party is not aware of it. More likely than not, if you send them emails about a business offer or the like, they will reject them outright. This is where integrity plays a crucial role. This is a quality that takes time to build up, and also so easy to destroy. Integrity is the one asset of yours that can bring you the desired results. But how will you build in social media circles.

Start with those who know you. We all have heard how much a bad business tactic is to serve family and friends first. But in social media, this is where you should start. If you please them, then they would spread the word to their friends, to their friend’s friends, to the friends of their friends’ friends. You would have gotten the picture by now. You let the good word spread naturally. You provide quality products or services at the get-go. Once you satisfy that, this will help a great deal in improving your image in the online business world. This is a different kind of marketing from the traditional ones.

This is the difference between traditional business and online business. Generating B2B leads is best done by marketers who are familiar with the online industry, who are good at building trust, and who can deliver what they promise to their business prospects. Think of it the way you would to a telemarketing campaign, where building rapport, nurturing relationships, and asking for the sale. That would take a lot of skill to pull that off, but that is not that hard to do, if you know where to start. It also helps if you have connections with others already, to serve as your foothold come marketing time.

Of course, we have to admit that you are very focused at your business. You have to, if you want to continue providing excellent products to your customers. That is why it might be a good idea if you can outsource your appointment setting campaign to professionals. This will ensure that you are doing your marketing right, while at the same time giving you time to concentrate on your business process.