Four Questions Never To Use In Telemarketing

When we are talking about telemarketing, generating sales leads is just one of the things that it can do best. But even if we are using something that has been proven to work, there will be something that will cause it to fail. When the purpose of this is for generating IT consulting leads, we cannot afford to make a mistake. And believe me, we might be making mistakes so obvious, but we do not realize just how wrong it is. And that can affect our B2B lead generation and appointment setting campaign. Part of these mistakes are the questions you ask, like:

  1. “Would you agree…?” – you are trying to manipulate your customers into saying yes. This is the oldest trick in the book. That will not get you any B2B leads at all.
  2. “If I can save you (percentage), would you be interested…?” – you are only interested in selling to them, not trying to solve their problems.
  3. “Do you have a budget for this…?” – you just wanted to know if you can sell to them or not. Instead, you should let them elaborate on their buying process.
  4. “Are you the decision maker…?” – you doubt the authority, or position, of the person at the other end. Instead, you should ask who the stakeholders are. You can get better results with that.

Take note of the four questions above. Avoid these, and you can be sure to make your lead generation and appointment setting campaign more successful.

Post By Barbara McKinney (99 Posts)

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